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Warhammer Imperium- First Shipment

As soon as it was available in the states, I signed up for the Warhammer Imperium subscription service. A couple weeks ago, my first shipment came, and you know what, I’m excited for what’s to come. So, what came in Issues 1-3? Honestly, as an experienced Warhammer player and hobbyist, it wasn’t anything terribly exciting. … Continue reading Warhammer Imperium- First Shipment

Well, this is embarrassing

So I’m gonna be real here. I’m bad at following my own advice sometimes. Burnout is real. In a lot of things. In work, hobby, passions… life. And that’s kinda where I’ve been for the past however many months. While I really do enjoy blogging, when you try to make something enjoyable a job, it’s … Continue reading Well, this is embarrassing

The Beauty of Loving What You Do

A few weeks ago, actually, a little after my last post, I was scrolling through Instagram, looking at all the finished projects that were on my feed. Not my projects, but, professional painters projects. Many of them were simply stunning. Work that combined blending, shading, and every other technique in such a fantastic way, creating … Continue reading The Beauty of Loving What You Do

The Best Hobby Lamp You Can Find

Chances are, if you’re stumbling on this page, it’s because like me, you paint miniatures. Whether it’s board game minis, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, or any of the various wargames out there, you will most likely want to paint them. And, if you want to paint them, you need good lighting. Now, I’ve used a lot … Continue reading The Best Hobby Lamp You Can Find

Dungeons and Lasers- Part Deux

I love a beautiful gaming area. I love to look down, see painted miniatures, in a three dimensional area. I feel it adds so much to the overall gaming experience. It’s why I’ve always loved seeing a fully painted and terrained 40k game. There is just something about it. But, what if you don’t have … Continue reading Dungeons and Lasers- Part Deux

Introductions are in Order

So, you found me. Some random schmuck on the internet who decided to start a blog for whatever reason. Well, actually, there is a reason. Several. But first, who actually am I? My name is Ken. At the time of writing this, I’m 37. Married to my best friend, Casey, and have a 3 year … Continue reading Introductions are in Order