The Best Hobby Lamp You Can Find

Chances are, if you’re stumbling on this page, it’s because like me, you paint miniatures. Whether it’s board game minis, Warhammer 40k, Malifaux, or any of the various wargames out there, you will most likely want to paint them. And, if you want to paint them, you need good lighting.

Now, I’ve used a lot of different lamps through the years. Natural. General room light. Multiple lamps. And honestly, they’ve all sucked. But, let me tell you about the big winner.

First off, I apologize for the mess. My hobby area works best in organized chaos, mostly because it’s not as easy for the little one to find anything specific. Secondly, this is my Neatfi XL LED Task lamp, and this sucker is absolutely fantastic.

The grip on the table is pretty bog standard. It’s the typical vice type mechanic along with the ability to actually fasten it directly on the table. Nothing special to talk about there.

It really begins to shine in the actual size of the lamp. There are two arms which are approx. 16 inches each, giving it a nearly three foot span it can reach. With the three different joints, the mobility of it is really nice as well, and allows for quick and easy swiveling, twisting, or really anything you need to get it in position.

The lamp itself is no slouch. It’s a massive 23 inch beast that can pump out 2,200 lumens of nice bright white light. This is where I fell in love with it, honestly. Between the size of the lamp and the clean white light, it makes painting a lot easier to see. Especially when your eyes are old and tired like mine.

You can also press the button after it is on to dim the light. It allows for three lower levels of light, at 75%, 50%, and 25% respectively. I don’t use these often, but, it’s nice to have the options available.

Lastly, the price point was not terrible. Was it more expensive than a standard desk lamp? Yes. But, it was far from unreasonable. At the time of purchase last year, I paid around $125 for it. Now, on Amazon, it’s dropped to $105 at the time of writing this article.

Honestly though, I feel the only other better set up is getting multiple soft light boxes to hang above your work area, which, I know those cost a heck of a lot more.

If you’re into miniature painting or any sort of hobbies that involve needing a large amount of light, such as drawing, bead necklaces, heck- even sewing, go check this beauty here. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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