Price Breakdown: Precept Maniple Battleforce

Today, a new battleforce went on pre-order for Adeptus Titanicus, and holy crap does it seem to be just brimming with value. I’ve always been a little AT-curious, and truthfully, love the models. But, just how good of a value is this new set?

The new battleforce consists of:

1 Warlord Titan
1 Reaver Titan
1 Warbringer Nemesis Titan
2 Warhound Titans

As you can tell, this is a complete army for Titanicus. While the titans each have their own load outs included, there is nothing stopping you from making sure all the weapons are magnetized so all you have to do is buy the upgrade sprues to swap out other loadouts (honestly, I think this is encouraged in the Titanicus community).

So, lets break down the price. The battleforce comes in at $185 retail.

Warlord- $110
Reaver- $60
Nemesis- $90
Warhounds- $65

Simple math tells you that full retail on all of that is $325. The price of the battleforce is nearly 57% of full retail on all of those items. That is an astounding deal.

When Adeptus Titanicus first came out, I know there was a lot of discussion about how it’s a ‘prestige’ game. The models are more detailed, so they will cost more. This sort of deal makes me think that either Games Workshop is trying to really push AT to take off, or they want to destigmatize that initial impression. But, I also know they have the new Warmaster Titan which they are hoping to push as well. But that sexy beast is a discussion for another day.

Either way, if I can swing it, I just may pick me up one. If you’re at all interested, I would highly suggest you do the same.


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