The Glorious Return of The Mummified Spell Slinging Kermit

Games Workshop has been knocking it out of the park lately. Their new sculpts have been truly dynamic, interesting, just centerpiece worthy (I’m looking at you Belakor).

Today, GW announced a new model (2 actually, but, this is the one worth discussing) for the Seraphon line. The old model for Lord Kroak was, well, meh. It worked fine enough, but it was finecast, and that had its whole host of issues.

T’was a fiddly little thing

Thankfully, today they announced Kroak’s upgrade, and it’s stunning. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

I especially love the gyroscopic design they went with on the throne, as well as the added jungle fauna. It adds a nice additional dimension that gives it the whole “Augh, I guess I’ll get out of bed and do it myself” feel. It also appears that you can build this as a Slann Priest, if you don’t have a need for lord dead frog.

I’m not a Seraphon player, however, it’s something that looks incredibly fun to paint.


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