Conquest: The Miniatures that got me re-interested in painting

So, it’s been a minute to say the least. The past few months I’ve been in a massive slump. Like many, I suffer from some pretty hefty seasonal depression as well as focusing issues. Those combined, plus an overall apathy from lack of free time kind of resulted in a lot of things getting pushed to the side.

My partner told me that I need to start taking Vitamin D, which, she’s probably not wrong. BUT, I also think a healthy dose of something interesting helped.

Several months ago, someone was selling a nice sized lot of Conquest minis on Facebook for a steal. I picked them up. Assembled a few, painted a few, then, left it on my shelf in a box. Awhile back I was cleaning and saw that box and thought to myself, “Well, I should probably move these. I’m never gonna get to them.” The box had the Conquest starter plus a few additional kits, so I thought I could flip it for a quick profit. However, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Every time I went to take pictures, I looked at the quality, the sculpts, and the artwork and said, “Damn, these are nice”. Then put them back in the box.

It took a few months of this back and forth for me to bring them all back out of the box and start working on them. Specifically, the Spires (I’m currently working on the Hundred Kingdoms, but that’s for another day).
I couldn’t get over how cool they looked and the overall ‘sci-fi fantasy’ vibe they had. After learning the lore behind them, and how they’re pretty much an alien elvish race that creates their own soldiers from the bio-mass of a planet… I was hooked. It was just such a refreshing take on them.

I started really churning threw them after that. I started with the Abomination first, and came up with the scheme I’ve got, and then the rest fell into place. I will say, the drones were a bit of big mouthful since there were so many, and since I already knew they were there to die, I didn’t really want to spend too much time on them.

But, the Avatara, oh, the Avatara are beautiful. The sculpts are unique and uncanny valley, slightly creepy, and just, wonderful. These were the models that completely fired me up about painting and minis again. With their odd proportions and hidden details, I couldn’t stop painting them.

So ultimately, I just want to say thank you Para Bellum. Even though I have yet to play a game of Conquest, I know if it’s anything like the miniatures, it will be a delight to do. I only wish I could find a group near me that does.

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