Introductions are in Order

So, you found me. Some random schmuck on the internet who decided to start a blog for whatever reason. Well, actually, there is a reason. Several.

But first, who actually am I?

My name is Ken. At the time of writing this, I’m 37. Married to my best friend, Casey, and have a 3 year old hellion named Colton, who is my world.

I’m also a massive geek. I enjoy several nerdy pass times, such as board games, miniature painting, horror stories, metal music and video games. Painting relaxes me, and video games keep my skills honed and sharp.

I’m also into several “esoteric” things such as meditation, ASMR and more obscure history to name a few. I also love finding side hustles. Getting beer money has always been a fun pass time for me.

Lastly, I’m currently in a leadership position at the company I work for. I have a passion for guiding my staff to a common goal, problem solving, and trying to balance many different balls in the air at one time.

So, why do I think I should have a blog?

  • Everyone has stories, experiences, and knowledge about things that they want to share. My desire to pass on my own personal experiences, plus my passion for helping others grow has led me to here.
  • My plan is to have reviews, guides, and just overall advice throughout this blog, with a sprinkling of slice of life content.
  • And in all honesty and transparency, I love the side hustle. Who knows, maybe this could turn into that!

So TLDR; if you’re a parent, nerd, hustler, or really, any one who could benefit from a little extra knowledge here and there, go ahead and take a seat. I’ll grab you a cold one and we can settle in for a nice discussion.

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